Supporting Conservation 


"All Life has just one home,

the earth,

and we as the dominant species must take care of it"

Dame Daphne Sheldrick





For me, my wildlife photography is not solely recording what I am privileged to see through the lens; a good deal of time in the wild is spent simply observing and enjoying what is around me with the camera to one side.

Having derived so much joy from spending time amongst wild animals in their territory, I want to use their images for their benefit.

I am an amateur photographer, but if anyone wishes to have an image from this site FOR PERSONAL USE ONLY, please get in touch with me via my contact page with which image(s) you would like and I shall be happy to send you a digital file with the watermark removed. In return, I simply ask you to make a donation of your choice to a wildlife conservation charity Conservation: I suggest that these could be Falklands Conservation and/or David Sheldrick Trust

I would welcome any feedback on my images via my contact page which is also the route to make any image licensing queries.