I am semi-retired and live in the Exmoor National Park in the UK.  Some of my leisure time is spent traveling on trips with Nature Images that have included Alaska, Finland, Norway and Kenya as well as photographing wildlife around the UK.

My interest in photography started when my father gave me a Pentax K1000 camera on my 21st birthday. I used it for 25 years to record my travels and family photographs and still have it. 

In 2001-03, I spent 2 austral summer seasons in the Antarctic and South Georgia and I bought a Nikon F100 Camera. This started my enduring interest in wildlife photography. A spell of 18 months in the Falkland Islands in 2005 enabled me to photograph wildlife there and, during this time, I switched to Nikon Digital SLRs.

I am concerned about conservation of wildlife and their natural habitats around the world and, since 2010, I have been a Trustee of Falklands Conservation.

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I have also placed Links here to wildlife photographers who inspire me, along with other photographic-related information that I find useful.